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Differens Digital, Marketing, Innovation


Differens Digital, Marketing, Innovation 

Differens is a digital company that supports the digital transition of companies, organizations and PAs by offering integrated digital solutions. Differens implements multichannel digital marketing strategies with advanced automation tools integrating AI, presiding over digital in a transversal way: Software developemnt, Web design & Development, Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO, Content marketing, App Development, Social media management, Mobile & social media Marketing, video production, AI Solutions, Blockchain based solutions. Differens is a certified Google Partner, Google Best in Quality 2015 award. 

Significant experience has been gained in developing projects in the field of ESG Sustainability, Sustainable Fishing, Carbon Footprint Reduction in the digital sector, Certification of the energy efficiency of websites via NFT and Blockchain. In the Blue Economy, Fisheries and Aquaculture sector, Differens has developed 7 award-winning European projects over the last 4 years. 

The co-founders Andrea Rosini and Mariagrazia Abruzzese as qualified “innovation managers” since 2019 and Differens as consultancy company are listed in the “Innovation Manager Directory ” approved by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy (former Ministry of Economic Development). 

Mariagrazia Abruzzese is an expert for the developing of Sustainability Report, as per CSRD UE 2022/2464 – and for evaluation of ESG sustainability rating which expresses the Environmental, Social and Governance impact of a company or organization operating on the market.

Andrea Rosini

Andrea Rosini (DIfferens) is an Innovation Manager with an extensive 30-year career marked by significant contributions to digital marketing, communication, and digital solutions for private companies and institutions.His expertise is deeply rooted in the evolving landscape of digital technologies; significant experience has been gained in developing projects in the field of digital transformation, ESG sustainability, sustainable fishing, digital sustainability, blockchain, artificial intelligence.