National Research Council (CNR)


Details and expertise of the project partners

Antonello Sala

Senior fisheries scientist with more than 30 years’ experience of studying the wider ecosystem effects of fishing on the marine environment at the National Research Council (CNR). Expert knowledge of physical and biological impacts in the marine environment produced by human activities, as well as impacts and operations of global fisheries, including marine litter, efficiency and selectivity of fishing gears, performance of fishing gears using underwater instrumentation, fishing gear design and modelling, and energy saving measures in fisheries operations. 

Lead scientist in numerous international research projects (>20) and national projects (>30). Chief scientist in more than 40 interdisciplinary oceanographic sea cruises. Since 2020, fishing technology consultant (COF.REG) in the Fishing Technology and Operations team (NFIFO) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, Rome). Since 2014, external statistical expert for the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA, Spain). In 2019, programme officer providing scientific advice on the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policies and Fisheries Dependent Information at the European Commission DG Joint Research Centre (JRC, Italy). From January 2020, chairperson of the ICES/FAO Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour (WGFTFB). In 2020 and 2023, chair of the ICES Workshop of Innovative gear (WKING, WKING2). From 2010 to 2019, member and vice-chair (in 2018-2019) of the EU-STECF Committee (European Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries). Author of numerous peer reviewed publications (92) and holder of 3 patents pending. Author’s h-index in Scopus: 26 and Web of Science: 26 (Google scholar: 30, with 3845 citations).

Giuseppe Scarcella

Has 20 years of experience on fisheries science, ecosystems and fishery management. Good knowledge of stock assessment and simulation models/software (FLR, SS3, a4a), especially assessment in data limited stocks (CMSY). From 2012 to 2019 he was member of the STECF.

He has been also advisor of the European Commission in past evaluation of management Plans. Since 2008 is appointed as scientific coordinator of SoleMon beam trawl survey carried out every year in GSA 17. In 2015, Giuseppe was appointed as moderator of the GFCM-SAC Sub-regional Committee for Eastern Mediterranean. He has experience in providing advice to decision-makers and stakeholder audiences on management strategies and options for management measures, relating to the Common Fisheries Policy. He has experience in stakeholder outreach and engagement. He is fluent in English. Giuseppe has the competence to contribute to the framework of the present specific service in Task 1 and Task 2g.

Alessandro Lucchetti

Senior researcher with over 20 years of experience in fishing technology, fisheries management and biology and fisheries impact assessment. Coordinator and scientific responsible of numerous international and national projects.

He is author and co-author of over 70 publications in international journals and over 200 other publications, including university textbooks, manuals, etc. He has collaborated as an expert with Ministries, European Commission, FAO, NGOs, private companies. He has lectured in several Italian universities and in other European and non-European countries. He has lectured for 15 years for the Coast Guard personnel on fisheries control systems and related regulations. 

Emilio Notti

Senior technologist at the National Research Council (CNR). Involved in fishing gear and fishing vessel technology development and engineering.

Over ten years of experience in energy performance evaluation and energy audit of commercial fishing vessels. Expert in fishing gear design for bottom trawling and on engineering performances evaluation of the fishing gears. Expert design and development of propulsion system and deck machineries for working boats and fishing vessels. Experience in assessment of impact of fishing activity on marine ecosystem with a focus on seabed impact of bottom trawls. Scientific responsible in national and international research projects, in charge of technical and economic management of the project activities.

Anna Nora Tassetti

Researcher graduated in Civil Engineering and with PhD in Geomatics. Her research activity mainly focuses on spatio-temporal fishery data for the sustainable management of bioresources and biodiversity conservation, and the assessment of the impacts on marine ecosystems induced by human activities.

Since 2014 has been involved in several national/international research projects where she was responsible for tasks and brought her expertise in vessel positioning data collection and analysis (i.e. DGMARE-EMODNET, MED_UNITS, FEAMP PO Campania 2014/2020, ARGOS – Interreg V-A Italy-Croatia CBCProgramme2014-2020) and GIS development for MSP (i.e. ERA-NET BlueBio COFUND). She is a member of the FAO AdriaMed Working Group on Demersal Fisheries Resources and of the FAO MedSudMed Working Group on Demersal Fisheries Resources where she is involved in the participatory large-scale mapping of Mediterranean SSF. She has published over 25 peer reviewed scientific papers.

Carmen Ferrà

MSc in Marine Science, MSc in Environmental Science and a MSc in Marine Ecology. She is a PhD student collaborating with CNR since 2014.

Her research activity focuses on the analysis of vessel positioning data using mainly AIS and its application for MSP. Since 2014 she has participated in several EU projects such as BLUFIN TUNA, EMODnet, MED UNITs and ECOSCOPE. She has been involved in multiple activities of FAO-GFCM WGVME-EFH, WGANALYSIS, AdriaMed, SAC and has authored over 30 publications.

Andrea Petetta

Researcher at the Italian National Research Council, Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies (CNR IRBIM). PhD in “Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Use of Fisheries and Biological Resources of the Mediterranean Sea”.

He is coauthor of 23 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 35 technical scientific reports. His main research activities are studies on the impact and selectivity of professional and recreational fisheries; studies on fisheries’ discarding practices and on the conservation of vulnerable and protected marine species; testing of devices for the reduction of unwanted catches (Bycatch Reduction Devices).

Daniel Li Veli

He is currently employed as a research fellow at the CNR-IRBIM, where since 2019 he has been working in fishing technology and conservation of marine resources.

Specifically, the line of his investigation concerns the mitigation of bycatch of vulnerable species, selectivity of fishing gear and the evaluation of their impact on marine ecosystems. He has technical skills in monitoring on board commercial units (>100 surveys on artisanal fishing, trawl nets, dredgers and purse seiners) and research vessels (participation in 3 research cruises), attitude to data analysis and support the management of projects. He is coauthor of 13 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 20 technical scientific reports.

Sergio Vitale

Naturalist, and researcher at the National Research Council (CNR). His research interests focus on the application of the ecosystem approach in fisheries management, identification of solutions capable of improving the selectivity of fishing gear and definition of management strategies capable of ensuring a withdrawal commensurate with the renewal potential of the stocks.

He has been involved in several national and international (EU-funded) research projects and he is the scientific coordinator of the biological monitoring of Catches in South of Sicily since 2017. He is the author of over 80 publications among articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and book chapters and he collaborates in various capacities with the European Union and FAO-GFCM.

Fabio Fiorentino

Fishery biologist, PhD in marine environmental science, researcher director at the National Research Council (CNR). Specialist in biology and ecology of fishery resources and strategies for the sustainable exploitation of marine renewable resources.

Responsible of research projects on fishery data collection, stock assessment and management of fishery resources in the Mediterranean. Member of national and international working groups dealing with sustainable fishing strategies. Coordinator of the Sub Committee on Stock Assessment of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the General Fisheries Commission of the Mediterranean (GFCM) from 2010 to 2013. Italian National Focal Point for the FAO Regional Project MedSudMed. Author of 106 scientific papers in ISI journals and several articles and technical reports on Mediterranean fisheries.

Gancitano Salvatore

Technician at the CNR in Mazara del Vallo since December 1997. He is particularly skilled in supporting research programs that evaluate demersal resources in the National Data Collection Plan, specifically in the CAMPBIOL and MEDITS modules.

His expertise is mainly linked to the evaluation of commercial landing (CAMP. BIOL.), the conduction of scientific trawling surveys in the Strait of Sicily (Es MEDITS) and the use of CTD probes for the acquisition of chemical parameters-Water physics and the sensors “Simrad” useful to detect in real-time the horizontal and vertical opening of the gear.

Michele Luca Geraci

Naturalist, and junior researcher at the National Research Council (CNR). Ph.D. in Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Use of Fisheries and Biological Resources of the Mediterranean Sea with the topic “Catchability and survival of the fisheries resources during fishing operation”.

The main line of research includes technical solutions useful for improving the selectivity and sustainability of various types of fishing gear, mainly demersal trawling. Since 2014 he has participated in several National and EU projects such as ELIFE (Elasmobranchs Low-Impact Fishing Experience), SevenS, RITMARE, MINOUW, PESCATEC, Mediterranean Marine Initiative (MMI) – actions plan to improve protection and environmental conservation of the Mediterranean area, Descriptor 3 and 6 of the MSFD. In addition, he collaborates in the DCF (module CampBiol and Medits) from 2014. He has been involved in multiple activities of FAO-GFCM including WGFiT, WGANALYSIS, MedSudMEd. Lastly, he collaborates also with the ICES WGFTFB, WKING, WGSSSE. He is the author of over 40 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and a book chapter.

Giacomo Sardo

MSc in Marine Biology, and researcher scholar at the National Research Council (CNR). His work focuses on fishery studies, gear selectivity, age and growth, fish biology, nictemeral cycles of the main demersal fishery resources, day-night variations on the composition of platform assemblages in the Strait of Sicily.

He has experience in coastal and offshore biological surveying. He is involved in the Data Collection Framework (DCF) activities in the subarea GSA16. At IRBIM-CNR, he works on age and growth determination of bony fishes and elasmobranch. Author/co-author of a number of scientific publications.