COISPA Foundation (COISPA )


Details and expertise of the project partners

Pierluigi Carbonara

Senior researcher at COISPA since 1994. He has a PhD in Sciences and Technologies applied to the Environment. Fisheries scientist with 25 years of experience in fishery biology and aquaculture. He has a long experience on age reading and validation (otoliths, spines, vertebrae etc.), analysis of sex and maturity stage in fish, crustacean and cephalopods.

He is involved in the EU Data Collection Framework since 2002, coordinating trawl surveys, discard and landing sampling projects. He participate/leaded to more than 25 project in the last 10 years. He is member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal “PLOS-ONE” and “Frontiers in Marine Science” and he is the author/co-author of 91 scientific publications papers in peer-reviewed journals (H-index 20).

Isabella Bitetto

She is the developer of BEMTOOL bio-economic model and has a long experience on the application of the model to several and diversified case study (e.g. DISCATCH, IMPLEMED projects).

She has a permanent position as researcher at COISPA since 2009. She has a University degree in applied mathematics on stochastic discrete time models. She has participated in the development of fish population models and modelling using GLM, GAM, GAMM, data analysis and checking routines. She is involved in the DCF programs since 2009 and has participated to the STECF-SGMED-EWG stock assessment working groups since 2010 to date.

Walter Zupa

PhD in Marine Sciences. Permanent position as researcher at COISPA since 2009.

His focus interests are on board and at landing fishery data collection, spatial analysis (software: QGIS, SAGA, GRASS); statistical analysis (R CRAN); spatial modelling of species distribution by mean of GLM and GAM models integrating survey data and biological sampling data. He participated in international projects focusing on fisheries data collection, discard, by-catch including different fishing gears. Author/co-author of a number of scientific publications.

Loredana Casciaro

PhD researcher at COISPA since 2008 she is involved in analysis of fishery dependent and fishery dependent data. Laboratory analysis on fish species.

She carries out statistical analysis on biological sampling data, including catch composition, discard distributions on different fishing gears. She was involved in international projects focusing on fisheries data collection. Co-author of a number of scientific publications.