National Inter-University Consortium for Marine Sciences (CONISMA)


Details and expertise of the project partners

Tommaso Russo

Tommaso Russo is an associate professor of Ecology at the Laboratory of Experimental Ecology and Aquaculture of the Department of Biology – University of Rome Tor Vergata.

He has 15 years of professional experience in fisheries science, with particular emphasis on ecological modelling of fishing effort (integrating multiple sources of information such as VMS, AIS, Logbooks) and of resource exploitation in the Mediterranean Sea, including the development and the application of bio-economic spatial models. He participated in several projects including H2020-MINOUW and MANTIS.

Maria Cristina Follesa

Maria Cristina Follesa is Full Professor at the University of Cagliari. Her main scientific interests are bionomy and spatial-temporal distribution of halieutic resources. Furthermore, she studies the life history with particular attention to the growth, reproductive strategy and eco-etology of some marine species.

Since 1994 she has been mainly involved in several EU funded projects, i.e. the International Research Program MEDITS and in National MIPAF funded Project as CAMPBIOL. From 2015 she is Scientific Responsible of the projects mentioned above. Since 1997 she has been responsible of several national projects relative to lobsters restocking program. Currently, she is Chair of the Working Group of ICES on Biological Parameters (WGBIOP). She has been chairing the ICES Workshop on maturity studies of demersal species (WKMATHIS, WKSEL3 and WKASMSF). Since 2013 she has been FAO Consultant inside the planning of an Adaptive management plan for red coral. She is Author of 122 peer- reviewed articles, with over 1,500 citations and an H index of 22.

Michele Casini

Michele Casini is Full Professor of Ecology at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna.

He is the scientific responsible for the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fishery of Fano. He his part-time employed as Full Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. His main research focus is on food-web dynamics, ecological indicators, fish stock assessment and management, and effects of multiple stressors on the marine environment. He has been Chair of the ICES Baltic Fisheries Assessment Working Group for five years between 2010-2017. He has been member of the EU’s Task Group 4 (marine food-webs) to develop criteria for the implementation of MSFD (2009-2010). He is scientific responsible for the BITS survey in the Baltic Sea within the EU Data Collection Framework. He is the author of 94 peer- reviewed scientific publications (h-index 36).

Porzia Maiorano

Porzia Maiorano is Associate Professor of Ecology in the University of Bari Aldo Moro. Her research activity is in Biodiversity and community ecology of coastal and deep-sea ecosystems, Assessment of the Mediterranean demersal resources, Population ecology and life-history traits of deep-sea species, Conservation of marine habitat and species, Impact of macro-litter on the seafloor.

Involved in the MEDITS program since 1994 and scientific responsible for the GSA19 of the MEDITS project (EU Data Collection Framework from 2013). Cooperation with Italian, Mediterranean and Atlantic researchers in international project on Assessment of demersal resources, Ecosystem based management in sensitive and vulnerable ecosystems, shared resources between pristine and exploited areas. Co-author of more than 150 scientific publications in national and international ISI journals, conference proceedings and chapters in volume (h-index 30).