Institute of Oceanography - Spanish National Research Council (IEO-CSIC)


Details and expertise of the project partners

Francesc Ordines

Francesc Ordines has a PhD in Marine Ecology and long experience (since 2005) in the study of fisheries ecology, management, fishing impacts, and technical measures to reduce the impact of the bottom trawl fishery.

He has participated in STECF Expert Working Groups on stock assessment, and implementation of the multi-annual plan for demersal fisheries in the western Mediterranean.

Enric Massutí

Enric Massutí is a Research Professor at IEO in the Balearic Islands.

He has more than 25 years of expertise in research on fish biology, ichthyology, population dynamics of exploited species and fisheries assessment, demersal resources and environmental factors, vulnerable species, benthic habitats and demersal communities, bottom trawling, fishing impact, gear selectivity and management of Mediterranean fisheries.

Beatriz Guijarro

Beatriz Guijarro has a PhD in Marine Ecology and long experience in Mediterranean fisheries research (since 2005).

Her research is focused on the assessment of demersal species, on the population dynamics, biology and influence of environmental factors on demersal species and ecosystem and on the assessment of technical measures for provision of scientific advice for management.

Antoni Quetglas

Antoni Quetglas has a PhD in Biology and is an expert on cephalopod species and communities, the influence of environmental variables in their population dynamics, assessment of demersal species and on provision of scientific advice for management, including those related to the reduction of discards from the commercial fleets.

He has a long-time experience on research of more than 20 years.

Maria Valls

Maria Valls has a PhD in Marine Ecology, and her field of expertise includes the biology and population dynamics of cephalopod species and trophic relationships in marine food webs, including different types of analysis such as stomach contents and isotope analysis, as well as ecosystem modelling.