Institute of Oceanology-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS)


Details and expertise of the project partners

Violin Raykov

Research Scientist. Currently he is a member of the Institute of Oceanology, BAS Ph.D. in hydrobiology., Assoc.Prof. in Marine ecology. His scientific interest and work are focused on ichthyology, fish stock assessment, Data collection, ecology etc.

Vice Coordinator of WGBS at GFCM, BlackSea4Fish Project Coordinator (2017) GFCM-FAO. Dr.Raykov has proven skills (since 2002) in population dynamics of exploited marine living resources. Participated in various projects related to fisheries, fish stock assessment. Principal researcher in Data collection (Black Sea Vice chair of WGBS – GFCM, Chair of SGSABS-GFCM and Focal Point of Bulgaria at AG FOMLR, Black Sea Commission. GFCM Project BlackSea4Fish (2017) coordinator. Author and co-author of over 80 publications.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Associate Professor Dr. is a specialist in Marine Geology who has been working on the decoding and the interpretation of the newest geological history of the Black Sea and the conditions affecting the formation of mineral resources.

Senior Lecturer of “Oceanology” and “Natural Resources and Ecology of the Black Sea” in Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, Specifically, his research focuses on the following areas: (1) climate change (geological cores, isotope geochemistry, “Black Sea deluge hypothesis”); (2) alternative resources and energetic sources from the Black Sea bottom (sapropel sediments, H2S, CH4 – gas-hydrates); (3) Black Sea species; (4) Black Sea geo-ecology (marine litter, biomass partition, litter decomposition). Author and coauthor of 8 monographs and books; 130 publications; 1 studia; 405 expert reports, 420 citations.

Ivelina Zlateva

Assist. Prof. Dr. PhD work was an interdisciplinary project combining statistical methods in System identification and modelling with the stock assessment procedures, she is a specialist in statistical modeling, data science, programming and analysis, application of statistical methods in ecology and biology in the Institute of oceanology since 2019.

She has previous experience with VMS applications and data processing as a Head of FMC department at EAFA-Bulgaria. She has over 30 scientific publications and is currently working on the statistical analysis and data modelling on 4 national projects in the field of the monitoring and data collection and has actively participated in more than 10 national and international projects in the last three years.

Yordan Raev

Ph.D. student Thesis: Technological improvements on the selectivity of fishing gears and reducing the discards. EAFA chief inspector; Towing fishing gears specialist.

Ivan Popov

Assist. Prof. Dr. has worked on building and implementing the motion control and integrated navigation systems for ship models in the manoeuvring test basin of the Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Center.

The topic of his PhD work is related to sensor fusion and adaptive model-based real-time filtering for dynamic positioning systems. He is currently working on training and hardware implementation of deep learning classification algorithms at IMS BAS. He also has a background as a core programmer for different national scientific projects involving mathematical modelling and data analysis. He has over 10 scientific publications.