Zoological Station of Naples (SZN)


Details and expertise of the project partners

M. Cristina Mangano

M. Cristina Mangano is a researcher at EMI Department at SZN, marine ecologist with a wide experience on trawling disturbance detection on seabed benthic communities and marine ecosystem across economically exploited fishing grounds; experts on systematic review and meta-analysis tools to inform evidence-based management and build salient knowledge baseline; former MSCA fellow with experience from North Sea to the Mediterranean socio-ecological systems and ecosystem based approach to achieve an integrated understanding of fisheries to find sustainable solutions applied to real-world uncertainties.

Giacomo Milisenda

Giacomo Milisenda is a researcher at EMI Department at SZN, marine biologist with a wide experience into the evaluation of fishing impact on different hierarchical levels of ecological organisation.

At the individual level, evaluating changes in growth rates, reproductive processes and physiological stress indicators. At the population level through the use of stock assessment models (production models, extended survivor analysis and stock synthesis) and space-time distribution models.

Teresa Romeo

Teresa Romeo is Research Director at BEOM Department at SZN. Her research activity is focused on aspects of organismal biology with the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate the effects of human impacts and climate change on fisheries resources and marine ecosystems.