Subtask 1C

Subtask 1c

Identification of baselines of fuel consumption by gear/area

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This Subtask aims to identify new baselines of fuel consumption from vessels employing experimental gears. Energy consumption data from individual vessels obtained in the pilot project for improved fishing gears development and testing at sea (Task 2) and energy audits implemented in Subtask 1a will be analysed to determine baselines of fuel consumption by gear/area combination (including steaming and fishing phases) to update where possible, the results described by Sala et al. (2022). 

In addition, the procedure developed in Subtask 1b will be applied using as input parameters the new baselines of fuel consumption. In this way, a new estimation of the overall carbon footprint by fleet/gear and area will be obtained. 

Finally, a comparison of the overall fuel consumption and carbon emissions, obtained from previous and new baselines, will be performed. This comparison will provide valuable information about the performance of new gears in terms of carbon emissions while informing about the effectiveness of gear modifications in the reduction of fishing fuel footprint. 

In addition, the objectives of this Subtask will be also achieved through the application of the approaches described in Subtask 1b. In this way, the baselines of fuel consumption by gear/area will be obtained using the set of parameters published in Sala et al. (2022) or, when possible, the additional values collected in the energy audits of Subtask 1a.