Subtask 1E

Subtask 1e

Analysis of the results of the ongoing EMFAF study on ‘Technological-economic analysis for the energy transition of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors’

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Currently, a significant share of EU fisheries businesses is energy intensive and relies heavily on fossil fuels for their operations. This dependency leads to two main problems: it makes the sector vulnerable to increases in energy prices; fossil fuel use also reduces the sustainability of fisheries products by increasing their carbon footprint. 

Some vessels facilities have succeeded in improving their energy efficiency and switching to renewable and low-carbon energy source. In Subtask 1e, a comprehensive list of the existing projects/scientific evidence/recommendations and guidelines exploiting the energy transition in EU fisheries sectors will be created. The outcome will allow to generate a map of the existing gaps (e.g., gaps in existing knowledge, low market-readiness for certain types of innovations, need for new skills, and sufficient and accessible financing opportunities) or rather, potential barriers to the further development and wide uptake of the necessary technologies.