Subtask 4d

Subtask 4d

Create and maintain a project website and produce a Project Leaflet

SubTask leader

Partners involved

The project website will be a primary Intra-project group communication platform for the DecarbonyT consortium. It will provide a place where the project team can communicate, share documents, and work together. To facilitate the communication between partners, different tools and functions will be available. Mailing lists will be created for each participating level. The intranet will be accessible from the public website using a login system for confidentiality. The homepage will contain: announcements, events and relevant documents for the project. 

The Working area will be divided into Task areas, including areas for the discussion groups. Document libraries will contain final documents in the frame of the project. Contacts will include information about each partner and institute, their role in the project, and people involved. In a specific section, the website will provide interactive data visualization features to show spatial carbon footprint baseline and potential decrements achievable by innovative gear 

implementations. Different level meetings will be held back-to-back. In addition to the formal project meetings and events. When possible, the partners will use virtual meeting tools to reduce travel costs and make efficient use of peoples’ time (e.g., teleconferencing, videoconferencing, Skype, Zoom, Teams). The project leaflet will be produced from material sent in by each partner and uploaded on the website, and updated, at reaching relevant milestones, pending results.